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Established in 2010, Britt Ford and Leah Landes had a vision to spend a weekend locally, in a relaxed, safe setting with AA women in sobriety for fellowship, fun, support and empowerment.“The Next Step” ladies retreat/workshop is a non-profit organization.The retreat/workshop continues to grow in popularity each year, also allowing limited one time scholarships for some women to attend that normally may not afford to do so. Many of the women from the Dallas metropolitan AA groups have return year after year looking forward to renewing their commitment to sobriety among familiar faces and encourage new attendees to embrace the fellowship and benefits of a network of women in sobriety.Each year the retreat focuses on a specific principal from the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and exploration of interactive techniques. We encourage all to participate at their own individual pace as it pertains to them in their various stages of sobriety. Our hopes are that each woman that attends may feel empowered by the information given and pray that they may have the courage to carry out the action to be in the solution with the 12 step principals as their guide.